Drop in center

One of Egal’s strategic goals is establishing a Drop in Center.


It will be founded, according to previously mapped needs of the community, to ensure a safe and comfortable space for trans* persons, where counseling, aid and support will be provided. It will be a space to rest, stay overnight and take care of some other needs (personal hygiene, laundry, etc.). Drop in Center will be a save house for acceptance, protection, urgent counseling for trans* and LGBI persons in need; it will also serve as a facility for different educations with the purpose of community empowering and establishing social entrepreneurship.

Beneficiaries are not limited to trans* persons – Drop in Center will be open for other members of LGBI community (lesbians, gay men, bisexual and intersex persons).

A person responsible for beneficiaries will be constantly present at the Center – a host/hostess. Among other things, a few times a week Drop in Center will be visited by health experts (psychiatrists, psychologists, endocrinologists, surgeons, counselors for voluntary and confidential HIV and STIs testing and prevention), social workers and legal experts.

Drop in Center also organizes and coordinates field work, aiming to reach out to the target group, to communicate with beneficiaries who don’t have adequate access to health and social institutions, or legal aid.

Also, Drop in Center fulfills standards in relation to:

- Access and working hours of the Center: it has to be easily accessible, with the working hours in accordance with beneficiaries’ needs.

- The facilities of the Center are suitable for beneficiaries and activities – the Center has at least three sparate rooms, kitchen and washrooms.

- The Center has a room for confidential counseling, which is visually and acoustically isolated (health, psycho-social, legal counseling and support).

- The facilities of the Center are suitable for different activities – 1:1 assistance, activities for up to 10 persons.

- Due to specific services it provides, the Center also has a living room, bathroom, along with washing and drying machine.



Establishing of Drop in Center and preparatory activities are being conducted in cooperation with Belgrade City Hall.


Until we officially open the door …