Citizen Association “Egal” warns authorized institutions that in the last 48 hours safety of trans* person, Dajana Pospiš, former member of an extremist group “National Machine” has been severely compromised.



Dajana Pospiš has noticed that she’s been followed by a member of an extremist organization, but didn’t want to report it to the police, because that kind of situation has been repeating since she begun the process of adjustment of her sex to her gender identity.


However, on Tuesday 28th of July Dajana was attacked by an extremist in Jevrejska Street in the center of Novi Sad. A big man, around two meters tall, known to the victim from before, attacked Dajana, screaming: “I’ll kill you, fagget! I’ll slaughter you!” She managed to escape from the attacker and immediately called the police.


The police patrol took 20 minutes to reach the crime scene, proving that Novi Sad’s police department didn’t consider this case as urgent or serious.


“Egal” reminds this attack took place after Dajana Pospiš took the courage to come out to the public. We are drawing attention to the fact that situations like this increase security risks for all members of trans* community and pointing out that it is special responsibility of all state institutions in charge for safety to increase their efforts in situations like this one.


Novi Sad’s police department has to realize that safety of Dajana Pospiš and other trans* persons in Novi Sad is severely jeopardized at this moment and that it is their obligation to secure appreciation of all Constitutionally guaranteed rights of every Serbian citizen.


“Egal” reminds that the police has adopted the plan for working with LGBT community, as well as appointed and trained several contact officers for the community in Novi Sad. We demand urgent engagement of these officers, as in line with the adopted plan.


“Egal” appeals on the President of Provincial Government Bojan Pajtić to act in the interest of all Serbian citizens living in Vojvodina and Novi Sad and to use all the capacities of the institution he’s leading, as well as to use his own sensitization for LGBT community, thus securing safety for trans* persons with joint efforts of the central government.


We are stressing out that this attack takes place at the moment when are encountering another Pride Parade in the near future – eventual escalation of violence towards Dajana Pospiš can cause much more severe consequences for the entire LGBT community, as well as for the state institutions which will be engaged in securing a safe Pride.