We are Egal – Equal. Everyone. Everywhere.



The guiding idea of every member of Egal’s family is the same – to induce system change of the politics and mechanisms of human rights protection and absolute recognition of all trans* and LGBI persons’ rights and needs through establishing a supportive socio-political climate in the Republic of Serbia. Our common strivings and actions make our mission more solid and more likely to achieve its goals.


We exist for many years and continue our committed work in the field, in the direct, contact with trans* and LGBI persons. Our work is tailored around constant close listening and recognizing needs of all members of the community; we are doing our best, using joint efforts in providing aid and support to help overcoming the everyday challenges members of the community are facing.


Our vision is to become a leading organization in combating discrimination, stigmatization and human rights violation of trans* and LGBI persons, recognized publicly, institutionally, regionally and internationally.


Our goal is to establish sound multisectoral cooperation among stakeholders (CSOs, private and governmental sector and international community) on national and local level, which will, through raising awareness and motivating the inclusion of general public, lead to system change thus influencing quality of life improvement for trans* and LGBI persons in Serbia.

Egal’s work is primarily focused on trans* persons who are exposed to multiple discrimination, especially if they belong to other vulnerable groups (Roma, youth, persons with disabilities, elderly, PLHIV, homeless, unemployed). Members of this community are discriminated against by the society, public institutions and LGBI community itself. Transphobia, hostility, hate speech directed towards trans* persons in the public and media discourse, as well as on the Internet, are a part of their everyday lives. Trans* persons are being denied basic human rights – right to movement, education, employment, career advancement, adequate healthcare, dignity and free personality development. Police and social protection, military, politics, judiciary, access to information are also areas in which trans* persons are excluded and discriminated against. CSO “Egal”, through its various activities and cooperation with all local and international stakeholders, offers recommendations for overcoming these challenges, contributing to constant empowering of trans* community and helping in further lobbying and advocacy.

Although Egal’s work is directed towards trans* (and LGBI) community, in accordance with its name and believes, Egal is taking care of every citizen, disregarding any of their personal characteristics, thus improvement in the field of LGBTI rights will have a positive impact on the overall condition of human rights in Serbia.

We strongly believe that, by including as many different voices of citizens in promotion and protection of human rights of every minority and marginalized group and individual, we will be able to contribute to EVERYONE’s quality of life improvement, EQUALY, EVERYWHERE.